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About Telos Theological Ministries

About Telos

What is this ministry all about? What do we stand for and what should you come here expecting to find?

Good questions! Allow us to briefly respond:

1. Telos is here to help YOU! We exist as a go-to resource for those Christians who have been seeking a teaching ministry which points to the Bible and declares that “God means what He says.”  That’s right, we actually believe that God does not speak in riddles which only the scholar can decipher. God speaks to everyman, and He expects that we will respond to what He says. We want you to have confidence in the Bible in your hands. Therefore, although fully acknowledging the presence of metaphors and the like, we still hold that God’s meaning is clear to all who let the Bible speak.

2. Telos is here to teach you. In various formats (written, audio, video, etc.), and at various levels (e.g. semi-academic, popular, homeschool, etc.), we have provided scores of lectures, articles, sermons and other resources, on many varied subjects, to help you understand the Word of God, and then witness to its truth in a broken world.

3. Telos is here to meet you. If you would like Dr. Henebury to give a presentation at your Church or Bible Study group, just contact us. Telos conducts Seminars and Conferences on all kinds of crucial topics in Bible Interpretation, Apologetics & Worldview, Doctrine, Prophecy, Church History, and various other subjects.

4. Telos is here to encourage you. One of the disturbing trends within modern Christianity is how filled with “idols” it has become. Whether in the form of Christian celebs or trendy schools of thought who often talk over the Bible rather than with it, it is sometimes a struggle to hear God’s voice. But God’s word is for you, and God Himself is with you! Our teaching constantly strives to bring the message of hope found in Scripture to our fellow Christians. Therefore, you will find a pastoral aspect to our ministry. If you are anything like us, you need to be reminded over and over again of the glorious realities of salvation. We trust you will find some encouraging reminders here!